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Water Power Engineering

We regret to inform you that Osman Goring, the founder, passed away on the 10th of July 2020.

A great gentleman who was truly ahead of his time.

Water Power Engineering is no longer active.
This is a complete archive of the entire website in case people find it useful.

GUIDE LINES for Small Scale Hydropower (SSHP) Schemes –
A simplified understanding of what is involved.

(Download as PDF)

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Water Power Engineering is the UK co-ordinator representing OSSBERGER TURBINES, for the past 30 years. You may send your enquiries to us. Or direct to OSSBERGER TURBINES. Visit their website at www.ossberger.de

Ossberger turbine

OSSBERGER crossflow turbine. 12 kW on 2m head.

Water Power Engineering is a private business run by its proprietor OSMAN GORING. Founded in 1962, with 48 years experience installing, maintaining and operating water turbines and water wheels, with broad knowledge of construction and watercourse management.

Osman Goring's mission since 1962 has been to raise awareness in the UK about the opportunities for Small Scale Hydropower and particularly the numerous run-of-river weir & mill sites that society should be investing in for renewable energy and a sustainable future.

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